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melyek a legjobb fogyókúrás alkalmazások

A 10 legjobb testsúlycsökkentő alkalmazás, amely segít Önnek a kilogrammonként

Nagyszerű alkalmazás! Közel egy hónapja használom már az appot, és teljesen meg vagyok elégedve vele.

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Bár nem hazai fejlesztésű ami egyáltalán nem baj! Legfőbb célom a tömeg növelés volt, ezért volt elengedhetetlen a kalória számlálás, ami alaposan le van vezetve, és automatikusan át kerül minden adat az Apple Health alkalmazásba, ami óriási plusz, mindezek mellett, rengeteg hasznos recept áll rendelkezésére.

I also like that it automatically add the results to the Apple heath app! Thank you! Reversed feedback colors I use this app for years, but about a month ago the feedback colors are changed.

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It is very confusing, can you please fix it? Fejlesztői visszajelzésWould you mind please getting in touch with our support team at: request. That way we can look into your problem further and try to help you find a solution.

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Thank you for your cooperation! I am not against improvement but I was using this app for more than a year because it perfectly let me see everything I ate a day ALL DAY all lined up on ONE page current day on the entry page that way letting me see my good and bad habits and tendencies clear and fast.

Clicking between daily habits was fast and effective. That is what this app was for I guess.

ízületi fájdalom megfázás ízületi fájdalom a bal kéz vállán

The new layout made this whole thing melyek a legjobb fogyókúrás alkalmazások impossible. Fancy design zero efficiency.

Milyen fogyás alkalmazás a legjobb

Who cares about simple calory numbers? Or clicking on a menu to be able to see what we had for breakfast. I was learning my eating patterns!!!! What are these tons of menus are good for?

fájdalom a vállízületekben és az inakban clavicularis arthrosis kezelés

Does the person who came up with them using this app at all? This was my favourite app so believe me I tried to get used to the new design but it makes no sense any more: I leave the app on the phone for a while in the hope too many of us will have the same problem and because I still have hope in it.

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Fejlesztői visszajelzésHi, Thanks for your feedback! We are sorry to hear that you are having issues with the application. If you would like to see your foods listed as in the previous version, next to the "Nutrition" section in your Diary tab there is a button that says "More".

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If you click on this button, you will go to a screen where all your entries are displayed, similarly to how the application was before. In this screen it is also possible to create a meal, copy, and delete the foods.

Kind regards.

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